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While Doctor Who is number one in our book, we have an appreciation for the new doctor in town.

As you know by now, Benedict Cumberbatch is signed on to star as Doctor Strange in the Marvel film hitting theaters on November 4, 2016.

We’ve been readily posting Doctor Strange news with first looks at the official trailer and the landscape-bending poster, a little bit of background from Cumberbatch and even a clip of Tilda Swinton talking about playing word games with her co-stars.

We’re nearing the final stretch with the movie coming out fairly soon, but it’s never too late to squeeze in one more first look at some newly released footage.

At this point you’re probably informed on Dr. Stephen Strange’s background: He’s a former surgeon-turned-superhero.

So, why not get straight to the point?

In the first clip Swinton, who portrays The Ancient One, gives the good doctor a pep talk:

Strange, prior to his career-ending accident, walks the hospital halls with his colleague and former lover Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) in the below:

His systematic ways remind us of someone.

Are you getting a Sherlock vibe, too?

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By Brigid Brown