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We’ve heard this story before, and, to be honest, it never gets old. Like we know what Elijah Wood is about to say in the below clip, which just makes us burst into laughter before he even speaks: Because it’s just that good.

Elijah swung by Conan O’Brien‘s late night show to chat about his new role in the BBC America original Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. He also had something to get off his chest. He’s tired of people confusing him for fellow former child actor Daniel Radcliffe. He even says, “The joke is over.” He’s amazed that it is still happening, figuring people would catch on after a while.

But, something that did happen during the interview, that may be new to you, is that there is a Gif of Elijah turning into Daniel and then Daniel turning back into Elijah. If that’s a bit confusing to picture, you can see it for yourself in the below clip:

We know Elijah is talking about this all in jest. But, if for some reason this is slightly bugging him, it’s not just him. In this Anglo post Daniel talks about being mistaken for Elijah.

It goes both ways.

Do you see the similarity? 

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By Brigid Brown