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The new season of Black Mirror has six new stories. And creator Charlie Brooker has been kind to expand on two of them. (The other four? We’re on our own.)

In the first clip, Brooker talks about “Nosedive” starring Bryce Dallas Howard, which he describes as a “satire on acceptance and the image of ourselves we like to portray and project to others.” In the trailer released last week, we got a look at Howard’s character getting friendly with a hologram hunk and running around town building up her online presence.

In the below clip, we learn there are legitimate consequences if someone’s points go down:

“Playtest” on the other hand is more of a “techno-horror-romp,” according to Brooker in the below. Again, in the trailer we saw a bit of the episode, with a thrill seeker (Wyatt Russell) being asked to agree to a small medical procedure prior to playing a new video game. This time around, he’s a little in over his head.

We find out why this isn’t a traditional horror story in the below clip:

It’s fun to try and figure out what the ending will bring before the episode is over, kind of like a Murder, She Wrote whodunit but instead a Black Mirror whatishappening.

The third season of Black Mirror will premiere on Netflix on October 21.

Do you try to predict the ending? 

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By Brigid Brown