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Let’s face it, Miranda Hart is not known for her poise. Instead she has a knack for playing the kind of dorky characters we take straight to our hearts, whether it’s Chummy in Call the MidwifeMelissa McCarthy‘s best friend in Spy, or her less-than-graceful self in Miranda.

(Image: Tumblr)
(Image: Tumblr)

So it was with some surprise that we heard yesterday (October 11) she’d been cast in Disney’s reworking of The Nutcracker. It was, after all, originally a ballet, and Miranda was down to play that most delicate of things: a fairy.

We already know Keira Knightley will play the Sugar Plum Fairy, while Interstellar actress Mackenzie Foy will star as Clara, the young girl who finds herself thrust into a world of mice and gingerbread soldiers on Christmas Eve.

Also taking turns in the live-action feature based on E.T.A. Hoffmann‘s classic tale will be the ever-elegant Dame Helen Mirren, the unflappable Morgan Freeman, and the ultimate in unruffled serenity, ballerina Misty Copeland.

So where does Miranda fit into all of this? Playing for laughs, of course. According to The Hollywood Reporter her character is called Dew Drop, and is described as a “comedic fairy.”

Now that’s more like it.

Miranda herself confirmed the casting in a tweet last night (October 11):

Such fun. Presumably this is why she recently cited a “busy schedule” as the reason she had to pull out of the next season of Call the Midwife. If so, we forgive her.

Can you see Miranda as a fairy?

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By Kat Sommers
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