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It looks like Kit Harington is swapping the schemes and plots of Westeros for a real-life attempt on the throne.

Deadline is reporting that the Game of Thrones star is set to play British radical Guy Fawkes in Gunpowder, a three-part TV miniseries about the 1605 Gunpowder Plot.

As the history buffs among you will know, Fawkes led a group of English Catholics in an attempt to assassinate King James I, until authorities caught them in the act of stockpiling explosives under the Houses of Parliament on November 5, 1605. The plotters were then subjected to weeks of torture, and an execution so gruesome it makes the bloodiest episode of Game of Thrones look like a walk in the park.

Every year since then it’s been tradition to burn an effigy of poor Guy on a bonfire to celebrate the failure of the plot, a tradition you may remember from an episode of Sherlock season three called “The Empty Hearse.” Even to this day, November 5 is an annual event marked in the U.K. by, of all things, a fireworks display.

(You can accuse Brits of many things, just never underestimate their capacity for irony.)

There’s also a surprising personal connection between Guy Fawkes and the brooding Lord Snow. Earlier this year, Kit—full name Christopher Catesby Harington—revealed he was related to one of the plotters, Robert Catesby:

As presenter Andrew Marr points out, the story of Kit’s quarrelling ancestors is pure Game of Thrones.

Whether or not Gunpowder is based on Kit’s script as this clip suggests, his involvement adds an intriguing twist to a series that might finally rehabilitate his ancestor from centuries of ignominy.

Watch our Anglophenia episode exploring the history behind Britain’s fascination with Guy Fawkes:

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By Kat Sommers
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