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'The Time of Angels' (Photo: BBC)

Welcome to the Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a deep dive into the various forms of Whovian fandom and related Gallifreyan news from the last week on the web. And, this week as Halloween approaches, we’ve been looking at the various tutorials YouTubers have created to help you get your Weeping Angels cosplay together for the big night.

There’s this recent one from DoctorWhoMakeup, for starters:

ItsGottaBeSarahC adds a neat trick to get the eyes looking stoney and dead, without investing in contact lenses (although it’ll make trick or treating more hazardous):

And Only In UR Mind‘s Angel is angry and snarling, which is kind of startling when she starts to speak:

Robin Moses Nail Art even shows you how to put them on your nails:

And if all that looks a bit too much like hard work, why not transform your dolls instead? Just don’t blink while you’re doing it:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat offer a sneak peak of this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”:

Torchwood celebrates its 10th birthday:

• Speaking of which, this five-minute extract from The Torchwood Archive, a special feature-length story celebrating 10 years of Torchwood from Big Finish Productions

Doctor Who: The Fan Show meets the cast of Class:

• And Patrick Ness answers quickfire questions:

• Jon Pertwee, the Third Doctor, gets a commemorative blue plaque:

• A most wondrous cake:

• Terrifying street furniture:

• A teaser trailer for the First Doctor adventure “The Space Museum”:

• Two crossover moments between Doctor Who and the Beatles:

• Spelling is phonetic in the future:

• Classic Whovian pinball has been regenerated for the modern era:

• A second trailer for the newly reborn “The Power of the Daleks”

• And some lovely old memories of the original:

• And look, the Daleks finally got everything they always wanted:

• This is gorgeous:

Catherine Tate speaks glowingly of the kindness of Doctor Who fans:

• Be honest, some of these look like a pretty tempting read:

• The TARDIS helps Hacker and Karim from the BBC’s children’s channel CBBC create a new robot:

• The Doctor has one thing on his mind:

• The Master dances, and Martha becomes a warrior:

Peter Capaldi meets the Mondas Cybermen:

• And finally, here’s a clip Karen Gillan filmed of Arthur Darvill dancing between shots while filming for Doctor Who. Everything about it is awesome:

Finding old Doctor Who footage is my new favourite thing. Bet @rattyburvil never thought this would see the light of day… #pond

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By Fraser McAlpine