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(Image: Entertainment Weekly)

Yes, it’s Monday, and yes, the nights are drawing in, but there’s still one thing to get very excited about: there are three days until the U.S. premiere of Doctor Strange and just over two weeks until it opens in theaters.

Sure enough, Marvel’s publicity machine has gone into overdrive, but that’s not to say every attempt at promoting it has gone to plan.

Cast your minds back to April, when its star Benedict Cumberbatch had a wander around New York City dressed as the Sorcerer Supreme. Togged out in a full cape, leather boots and fetching beard, and fresh from filming nearby, he set the internet ablaze when he browsed the shelves of a comic book store with Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson.

Well, it turns out this wasn’t the only time the World’s No. 1 Otter Impersonator took to the streets of NYC in character. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, he described how he didn’t quite get the same adoring reaction when he swept into a coffee shop wearing his red cape and Strange costume. Or, indeed, any reaction at all – take it away, Benedict:

“I had some friends who were around on Saturday and they were like, ‘Wow, oh my god, you’re actually playing a superhero!’ I said, ‘Let’s go to a cafe,’ and we went to this cafe around the corner.

“And you know that scene in Ghostbusters where Rick Moranis runs up to the cafe in Central Park, being chased by the Dog of Doom from the building? And he goes, ‘Help me, help!’ and bangs against the glass? And everyone in the restaurant sort of drops their cutlery and turns their head and looks? And he squeaks down the glass going, ‘Please, help me?’ And there’s a silence? And you cut back to the dining room and everyone goes, ‘Anyway, I was saying, Marjorie just had her face done…’. That’s pretty much what happened in the cafe.”


The awkward situation didn’t stop there, either. There was still the small matter of a tip, but even that proved difficult:

“He hasn’t got many practical pockets,” explained the pre-eminent penguin expert about his character Doctor Strange. “I think I might have asked somebody else to help me out with some cash in that moment.”

No pockets? Hardly sounds practical when one is busy bending time and space. Perhaps he should take a leaf out of Batman’s book and carry a fanny pack (sorry, we mean a “utility belt”).

Doctor Strange hits theaters on November 4.

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.