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We can’t say it enough, but we are so pleased and happy for BBC America’s Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany on her big win at the 2016 Emmys. You know it was a good night when people are still talking about the Emmys the following Tuesday.

But that wasn’t the only big event over the weekend.

Let’s indulge in a little bit of time travel and go back to this past Saturday’s (September 17) BBC America BAFTA L.A. TV Tea, which honors the Emmy nominees as part of the lead-up to Sunday night. We spotted Tatiana on the red carpet in a cosmos-inspired look, rocking a frock adorned with stars and planets (guess she got the Doctor Who memo).

We have to remember, at the time of the Tea the Emmys hadn’t happened yet. So, during the below interview she was on the verge of becoming an Emmy Award-winning actress (oooh, that has such a nice ring to it).

Anglophenia’s Maude Garrett had a chance to catch up with Tatiana for a pre-Emmy chat at the BBC America BAFTA L.A. TV Tea.

Yes, we know Tatiana ultimately wins the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series category, but it’s fun to watch her the day before the big moment.

We can practically feel the excitement coming through the screen:

Congratulations Tatiana — we cheers our cuppa to you! 

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By Brigid Brown