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There must have been something in the air at the BBC America BAFTA L.A. TV Tea (September 17), with actors jumping into interviews … not their own.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s just more fun and excitement for us all to soak up.

Anglophenia’s Maude Garrett sat down with Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor, who won the 2016 Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor.But they were soon distracted by someone off-camera. Oh, it’s his old pal from Arrested Development and current star of Veep, Tony Hale.

You can check out the shenanigans for yourself in the below clip:

Garrett was then chatting with Veep star Matt Walsh, when Tambor popped up again:

Both Hale and Walsh were nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for their roles in Veep. The award went to Baskets star Louie Anderson.

Meh, they still have each other. See more coverage from the BBC America BAFTA L.A. TV Tea right here.

Did this feel like a game of leapfrog? 

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By Brigid Brown