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Sure, there’s an apocalypse pending, but that doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom.

The folks over at X-Men: Apocalypse had themselves some fun while filming. We already know both James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender have good senses of humor, but now we have even more proof with the below clip featuring laughtastic outtakes. And their on-set antics must have been contagious, because it seems to have spread to the rest of the cast.

In the below clip Sophie Turner takes a spill, and we hear someone off-camera alarmingly ask if she’s okay. And like most people, if you fall down, and are in fact okay, you kind of just lay there and laugh it off, which is what we see Turner doing for more than a bit. Jennifer Lawrence, on the other hand, had something on her mind in a number of scenes, which she would announce in character, “Lunch!”

You can look for other usual suspects like McAvoy making funny faces, Fassbender throwing the term “patty cake” into his monologue, and Rose Byrne literally stumbling through a scene with some uncomfortable shoes. Apocalypse himself, played by Oscar Isaac, gets the giggles, which is a funny sight to see.

There’s quite a lot to soak in during this eight-minute (and 20 seconds) long video, check it out:

And this is the group we are entrusting to save the world.

Do you now look at the X-Men a little differently? 

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By Brigid Brown