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An unregistered wizard has set magical beasts loose … and we know where to find them.

In NYC. And in the new trailer for J.K. Rowling‘s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

The American wizarding community is not keen to learn a visitor (Eddie Redmayne) has arrived unannounced, and he’s not alone. In the below trailer, Seraphina Picquery (Carmen Ejogo) asks, “Where is this man!?”

The magical group gathered together doesn’t have to look far. Newt Scamander, the wizard they are looking for, is actually in his own case, right before them. He is tasked with finding the monsters he’s unleashed on NYC. Luckily he has the help of a witch (Katherine Waterston) and a non-wizard/muggle (Dan Fogler) he’s newly befriended.

At first the wizards and witches of NYC we’re preoccupied with Scamander and his slip up, but then their attention is turned to … the rest of the world.  The wizards are going to war with the non-wizards, and it becomes a question of “us ” or “them” in the below trailer:

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them hits theaters on November 18.

What do you think of the longer look?

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By Brigid Brown