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Rebecca Hall (Iron Man 3, Vicky Christina Barcelona) takes on the role of real life reporter Christine Chubbock in the mostly forgotten story told in Christine. Chubbock may not be a household name these days, but she made national headlines in 1974.

You may or may not know the story of the Florida reporter. If you do know, then you know why the last days of her life are being dramatized. If you don’t know, we’re about to tell you. It’s a disturbing story, so be warned. In this case, we’re going with the school of thought, history isn’t necessarily spoil-able, because, well, it’s history and has already happened.

If you don’t want to know the ending, please skip ahead to the below trailer.

We know the “what,” Chubbock killed herself with a self-inflicted gunshot during a live news broadcast; but we don’t know the “why.”

She worked as a reporter in Sarasota, FL in the early 1970s. The 29-year-old strongly disagreed with the implicit mantra used at the TV station she worked for, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

In the below trailer Chubbock starts off light-hearted and positive, and has a good outlook on life, if not great. For the most part, she’s fun, flirty, and has a good sense of humor. We mention “flirty” because, though she’s unhappy about the direction of the network’s coverage, she doesn’t want to leave her job because she has feelings for her coworker, portrayed by Michael C. Hall. But then things take a drastic turn (1:15).

We already know she’s struggling at work, but it soon becomes clear that there is something far more serious going on:

Her last words were, “In keeping with Chanel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in ‘blood and guts,’ you are going to see another first—attempted suicide.”

She used the word “attempted,” so possibly she thought she would survive. Chubbock was hospitalized for 15 hours prior to her finally passing.

Christine and a second film, Kate Plays Christine, both released this year, attempt to figure out how Chubbock came to this decision that was so final. This news article published at the time of Chubbock’s suicide gives some insight, with her mother saying, “She was terribly, terribly, terribly depressed.” Her mother described Chubbock as having a job she loved, but nothing else in terms of friends or romantic attachments. Her mother said she found it difficult to “register” with other people. She tried, but her peers weren’t receptive.

The footage of her suicide has been sealed and if things go as planned, the actual broadcast will never be seen again.

Christine will premiere in the U.S. on October 14.

Do you think this relates to the “caught on camera” culture we’re living in now?

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By Brigid Brown