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Both Naomi Watts and Jacob Tremblay have starred in films where they fought to survive, respectively in The Impossible and Room. This time around, we’re scared of what each may be capable of in Shut In.

Watts takes on the role of a widowed psychologist who specializes in working with children. Her husband was killed in a car crash. Her stepson survived the same accident but has been left in a catatonic state. She suffers from troubling dreams, which appears to distort her day-to-day life in the below trailer.

A small child (Tremblay) suffering from grief is sent to Watts for counseling. Of course she lives in the middle of nowhere, adding to the doom and gloom.

Before she even gets a chance to help him, he disappears:

Tremblay described his character to USA Today, saying, “Tom’s a dark character. Not Batman dark. But he’s scared, has rings under his eyes and looks creepy.”

Shut In, also starring Charlie Heaton and Oliver Platt, hits theaters on November 11.

Who should we trust? 

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By Brigid Brown