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(Photo: YouTube)

The reluctant superhero is also a fun superhero to watch at work.

We find Luke Cage (Mike Colter) in a restaurant being held up by a group of men in the below clip. Cage doesn’t want to be in the situation he finds himself, but he can’t just step away. Since he has superhuman abilities, at least he doesn’t have to exert too much effort.

Cage tries to defuse the situation using his words, but, as expected, it doesn’t work.

The leader of the pack signals for one of his henchmen to go after Cage.

We actually hear the guy’s bones crush in is hand as he strikes Cage in the face:

It’s a hard lesson for the bruisers to learn, but maybe word will spread on the street that there’s a new tough guy in town. And then Cage can be left alone, which is what he wishes for in the official trailer:

Marvel’s Luke Cage premieres on Netflix on September 30.

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Did you also yell out loud at the point of impact in the above clip?

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By Brigid Brown