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If you haven’t seen Stranger Things just yet, then you may want to set aside eight hours this upcoming holiday weekend … because it’s that binge-worthy.

And, if you have seen it from start to finish, you know exactly what we are referring to.

When watching the clip below you get a sense of chivalry, with Millie Bobby Brown (formerly of BBC America’s Intruders) sitting closest to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon while the male cast members sit on a separate couch. Yes, Stranger Things‘s storyline does revolve around her character’s abilities, but the show is definitely a collaborative effort. And so is the fun interview below, made up of Brown and her co-stars Finn Wolfhard, Caleb Mclaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo.

But as you know, having watched the series in one marathon sitting (or was that just us on a quiet Sunday?), Brown acts using few words. It is a testament to her ability to deliver and communicate her emotions and react to her fellow actors, using non-verbal language. With that said, when watching the below it might be a surprise to hear she has a slight British accent. (She was born in Spain to British parents):

We didn’t mention the content of the conversation because it’s a little awkward and a little private … as private as a first kiss can be having happened on a TV set and talking about it on a chat show stage.

But we’ll leave that to you to digest.

We’re more interested in the dynamic of the kids all sitting together as friends.

Are you already waiting on the second season of Stranger Things?

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By Brigid Brown