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Filmmaker Woody Allen has never written a TV series before, but now that he’s finally done so, it should come as no surprise that he cast himself as a writer, in this case a struggling TV writer named Sidney Muntzinger.

Nor is it a surprise that he’s roped in some of the biggest stars out there. His new six-part series Crisis in Six Scenes stars Elaine May as Sidney’s psychiatrist wife, while House of Cards‘ breakout star Rachel Brosnahan and The Big Short‘s John Magaro also feature.

It is a surprise, however, that he also chose to cast Miley Cyrus, whose antics in recent years have rather overshadowed her acting credentials.

The release of the trailer today (September 14) suggests that surprise may be short-lived. And from the sound of the description, the role is perfectly cast: Miley plays Lucy, a free-spirited, pot-smoking hippie whose arrival in town disrupts a community of suburban middle-class families in 1960s America.

Here she is in action, along with a few more familiar faces such as Becky Ann Baker (Girls), Michael Rapaport (Public Morals), Margaret Ladd (Falcon Crest), Joy Behar (The View), Rebecca Schull (Wings), David Harbour (Black Mass), and Christine Ebersole (Amadeus):

The whole thing looks like a return to form for Allen, with the usual razor-sharp script full of his trademark one-liners, though it’s hard to tell from a short clip how his big screen sensibilities will pan out in a small screen format.

The best part? There’s not long to wait before we find out. Crisis in Six Scenes premieres on Amazon Prime September 30.

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.