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Jude Law at the Venice Film Festival on Saturday 3 September. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Venice Film Festival is currently in full swing, and who should turn up to the red carpet on Saturday (September 3) but Jude Law accompanied by renowned director Paolo Sorrentino?

So far, so Venice. Except Jude and Paul were not there to promote a new film they’ve made together, but a new TV show. The Young Pope, starring Jude as a chain-smoking, power-mad (not to mention deeply fictitious) pope, is coming to U.K. screens this fall and is due to follow in the U.S. on HBO.

So far all we’ve seen is a brief teaser trailer, but festival goers keen to see what the Oscar-winning director (Youth, The Great Beauty) will do with such subject matter were treated to a showing of the first two episodes.

The subsequent reviews raved about its beautiful settings and extravagant-looking production, the dreamy direction, and Jude’s even dreamier (ahem) lead performance, which has been described by some as his best role since Dickie Greenleaf in 1999’s The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Wait. 199-what now?

Anyway. Moving quickly on. It’s a while before we get to see what all the fuss is about, but in the mean time, Sky and HBO have been kind enough to release a full trailer:

And if you thought you spotted Diane Keaton in there, you did. In her first recurring role in a TV series ever, she plays Sister Mary, an American nun living in the Vatican, who acts as a kind of adviser to the new pope.

Watch her in full nun’s habit in this extended clip from the first episode:

This new series has got all the makings of a Vatican-based House of Cards, or a modern take on The Borgias where faith is every bit as important as loyalty, and we’re very excited about it.

No official word on a U.S. air date yet, but expect it later this year or early next at the latest.

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.