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We’ve seen plenty of interviews with Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, but this is the best one yet. We’re not saying that because it happened at the BBC America BAFTA TV Tea (just a nice coincidence).

There was something light and fun about this recent sit-down. Maybe what we’re picking up on is a sense of relief with the Downton Abbey finale having already passed? Possibly it could be nostalgia with this being the last set of Emmy nominations for the fan favorite series (10 in total this year, winning three). Or … maybe Fellowes is just enjoying the chat with Anglophenia’s delightful Maude Garrett?

That’s a lot of “maybes” and we can’t quite put our finger on. But what we do know, Fellowes is all about getting together with the DA cast one more time for the yet to be confirmed Downton Abbey film. Maybe that’s what he was all giddy about? Okay, we’ll stop with the “maybes.”

You can listen to his assuring words in the below clip:

Didn’t he seem in an especially good mood? Or, was it just us?

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By Brigid Brown