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We’ve already had a few advance looks at Doctor Strange, but we’re still getting to know the mystery man.

In the new trailer we see him in different phases of his life. He’s dressed to the nines in a tuxedo, scrubbing up for surgery and then looking slightly scrubby. As you know from his backstory, and if you’ve read the Marvel comics, Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) was a celebrated neurosurgeon. We say “was” because following a car accident he loses the use of his hands. He kind of gives up, at least on the life he knew.

In the below trailer he seems a little lost, not knowing what to do with himself if he’s no longer performing surgery. But then he meets The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton). She advises him that he can still save lives outside of the operating room.

We find Doctor Strange in a position the once egotistical surgeon probably never guessed he’d be: on his knees, begging for help, saying, “Teach me.”

The below trailer lays it all out for you:

Doctor Strange, also starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Rachel McAdams, hits U.S. theaters on November 4.

Do you believe in second chances?

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By Brigid Brown