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The forthcoming TV series Westworld is a mind boggle. If humans know the pain of suffering, then why would one intelligent enough to create human-like androids program them to feel?

That is something we’ve been pondering since the clips for the new HBO series have been rolling out. We’re not the only ones with questions. In the latest trailer a robot by the name of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) contemplates whether or not she is dreaming.

From the looks of what goes on in the Westworld amusement park, it’s more like a nightmare she finds herself in. But it appears to be very real. Well, as real as life can be for artificial intelligence. We told you, it’s difficult to wrap your mind around.

The customers at Westworld live out their fantasies, with the robots stepping in to fulfill their needs. The thing is, these daydreams can become quite brutal.

In the trailer below we see Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) talking to Dolores about what she’s been experiencing. This video contains some sexually explicit and violent content:

Author Michael Crichton‘s 1973 film Westworld, which he both wrote and directed, provided inspiration for the TV series. The original film starred James Brolin, Yul Brynner and Richard Benjamin.

If you find yourself feeling empathy for the robots (you’re not alone), possibly the trailer for the film will put your mind at ease. Please be warned, the below might be a little spoiler-y … so, proceed at your own risk of learning what may come (clearly, the series may differ from the movie’s storyline):

Westworld premieres on HBO this coming October 2.

If AI can fear, do they have the right to be protected? 


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By Brigid Brown