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Imagine the most British conversation ever. Y’know. Lots of excessively polite talk of tea and cricket and the weather. Then multiply it by a hundred.

That’s because the latest issue of Interview magazine features an interview with Tom Hiddleston, already the consummate English gent, pictured looking very moody indeed in a black leather jacket and some dark side streets.

Okay, so that’s already quite British. We’d say that hits about, ooh, 65% on the Brit-o-meter. But just wait until you factor in the name of his interviewer, a little-known guy by the name of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Now we’re talking 100.

And if you’re wondering how British things can get, well, here’s the beginning extract:

“CUMBERBATCH: Like all interviewers, I should first of all thank you, Tom, for taking this time.

HIDDLESTON: [laughs] Thank you, Benedict. We should just thank each other for our time. For the rest of our lives.

CUMBERBATCH: And then, in typical British fashion, we should just apologize for everything as well.

HIDDLESTON: I’m sorry for disturbing you.

CUMBERBATCH: I’m more sorry than you.

HIDDLESTON: [laughs] How do you feel about…

CUMBERBATCH: My role as a journalist?

HIDDLESTON: I feel conflicted. [laughs]”

…Let’s just say it doesn’t get off to the most flying of starts. Then, after a few anecdotes from Tom, followed by a lengthy description of filming Kong: Skull Island in Vietnam, Benedict interjects:

“Oh, God, I’m not supposed to be writing this down, am I?”

Thankfully he’s not. Someone else types up every word they say, as they cover topics such as their favorite era of film, The Night Manager, being in the Marvel universe, playing well-known characters like Sherlock Holmes and Loki, and Benedict’s recent movies.

After a while it’s not entirely clear who’s interviewing whom, as each of them is keen to heap praise on the other. The two actors are old friends, of course, having appeared together in 2011’s War Horse, and having first met shortly after Tom saw Benedict on the London stage in a 2005 production of Hedda Gabler. Nor are they adverse to a spot of ribbing, as attested to by that time Tom nominated Benedict for the icebucket challenge.

Basically it’s a big love-in, and a conversation that’s a joy to eavesdrop on. And, to Tom’s infinite relief, Benedict promises he won’t mention a certain someone who shall remain nameless (but who may or may not go by the initials “T.S.”).

Read the whole interview here.

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.