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Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a cosmic gumbo of stuff and malarky concerning Whovians, TARDISes and whatnot, from a week on the internet.

And we begin this week with musical matters. This excellent solo guitar cover of Murray Gold’s unsettling “Doomsday” theme was posted this week by David Waller:

Which started a hunt for other fan-made versions of a particularly affecting musical moment, such as this classic rock rendition by TWR Music:

Or this startlingly accomplished version, by multi-instrumentalist Laena Grace:

Or this, a combination of the two, by VayleMystery, who follows it with a searing version of “This is Gallifrey” and a regeneration, for good measure:

And now we’ve got everyone in a suitably cheery mood, here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• Sontaran monster month continues:

• Here’s every Sontaran the Doctor ever met:

• There’s also a quiz:

• And now fans are getting involved:

Karen Gillan has found her Amy Pond hair:

My friend found the hair I shaved off my head 3 years ago stashed in a bag.

A video posted by Karen Gillan (@karengillanofficial) on

Class is on the way, as is this Q&A with the cast…

• …and there’s already a fan-made trailer:

• An interesting fan theory:

• Some reimagined Daleks:

• And WHAT a melon!

Would you believe this is a watermelon? отлично сработано, @elina.grinshtein! #DoctorWho

A photo posted by Doctor Who (@doctorwho_bbca) on

• The 1996 Doctor Who movie, starring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, is out on Blu Ray:

• This amazing bouquet:

• What, no War Snoopy?

Done spamming

A photo posted by Lauren☆1.9k☆ (@the_orphan_doctor) on

• A year on, the Doctor Who “Abbey Road” shot seen from behind the scenes:

• Love this:

• Whovians in Love continues to astonish and delight:

• Who’d like to join Alien Club?

• The pen is mightier than the sword (or the spoon):

Arm yourself. (📷: @jennyrela) #DoctorWho

A photo posted by Doctor Who (@doctorwho_bbca) on

• Sometimes events are given extra perspective with the passage of time:

• Another fan art classic crossover:

• Let us end this week with something “Irresistible”


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By Fraser McAlpine