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It’s another year until we see Tom Holland star as the web-slinging, wall-scaling superhero in his very own Spider-Man movie, but in the mean time Edge of Winter opens in theaters this Friday (August 12), though it shows Tom in a very different light indeed.

He stars as Bradley, whose estranged father Elliot (Joel Kinnaman) is desperate to spend more time with him and his brother Caleb (Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb‘s Percy Hynes-White).

The trailer came out last month, but now has an exclusive clip:

And if Kinnaman seems familiar, that’s because he too has superhero status: You can see him in theaters now as Rick Flag in Suicide Squad (fingers crossed for a “Rick Flag is really Spider-Man’s father” DC/Marvel plot twist). He also played Stephen Holder in AMC’s The Killing, the police detective played by Søren Malling in the Danish original Forbrydelsen.

Doesn’t bode well, does it?

And sure enough, things go downhill from here: A family day trip to teach the boys how to shoot goes disastrously wrong when they become stranded. As they retreat to a desolate cabin, Elliot’s mounting fear of losing custody pushes him to the edge—until the brothers quickly realize that the man responsible for keeping them safe has now become their biggest threat.

Catch Edge of Winter in selected theaters from Friday.

Does the clip make you more likely to see the movie?

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By Kat Sommers
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