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Tom Hiddleston is making his way back into our heart. His latest interview includes him doing impressions, reminding us of the days of old (a month or so ago).

Hiddleston recently took part in the SAG-AFTRA Conversations series. The clip is simply entitled “Conversations with Tom Hiddleston of The Night Manager.” But, it could easily have been called, “Let’s Watch Tom Hiddleston Impersonate Fellow Actors,” because he does one of Idris Elba doing James Bond (1:11:15) and Night Manager co-stars Tom Hollander (20:11), Olivia Colman (32:20) and Hugh Laurie (34:15).

If you’ve been missing Hiddleston, this is the interview for you, as it’s over an hour. Even the the moderator told the audience in the below clip, “We are going to be speaking for about an hour. So if you guys have babysitters or plans, you may want to make the call now. We might even go longer. This might become a Grateful Dead concert version of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.”

Who in their right mind would get up during a conversation with Tom Hiddleston?

Get your popcorn out, you can find the hour and 18-minute interview over at YouTube.

Even the moderator at one point was impressed with how many impersonations were coming out of Hiddleston, exclaiming, “Oh my god, are you going to do another impression?!”

What was your favorite part of the interview? 

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By Brigid Brown