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The hotly anticipated prequel to the original Star Wars trilogy (and sequel to the prequels, making it a prequel-sequel-prequel) hits theaters December 16, and a trailer released last night (August 11) gave us some clues as to what it’ll be about.

Watch it below, then scroll down to see if you spotted everything we did:

Spotted it all? Here’s what’s got the internet buzzing:

The Imperial March!

It might be all slowed down and sedate, but that didn’t stop us singing Duh Duh Du Duh DUHHH in our heads.

There’s a new droid

Firefly‘s Alan Tudyk plays K-2SO, who may look a little different (and the eagle-eyed will have spotted the Imperial insignia on his shoulder), but who sounds like he’s at least related to C-3PO.

Felicity Jones

The Oscar-nominated Theory of Everything star plays Jyn Erso, a Rebel with a 97.6% chance of failure in her mission to find the Death Star’s plans

The Rebels

The chap saying “all the way” is Captain Cassian Andor, played by Diego Luna (Milk, Y tu mamá también). He, Jyn, and Bodhi Rook (Riz Ahmed) form a band of Rebel fighters who try to steal the plans for the Death Star (yep, the very same plans Princess Leia stashes in R2-D2 in the original 1977 movie, now subtitled A New Hope).

The freelance fighters

The samurai-style warrior is Chirrut Imwe, played by Donnie Yen. He may refer to the “Force,” but he’s a “spiritual warrior-monk” and not a Jedi. He’s blind too, though that doesn’t stop him taking out a load of Stormtroopers (more evidence, if evidence was needed, that Stormtroopers are a bit rubbish). His friend and protector Baze (Jiang Wen) can be seen saying, “You destroyed our home!”, which might explain where he and Chirrut come from.

Yep, that’s Forest Whitaker

He plays Saw Gerrara, a resistance veteran who’s been fighting a guerrilla war against the Empire on his home planet of Onderon for years.

Darth Vader

The Sith Lord makes his much-feted first appearance in the final shot, although we only see the back of his helmet. He does oblige with a spot of heavy breathing though, which is mighty generous.

Did you spot anything else?

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.