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Daniel Radcliffe stopped by The View to talk about his upcoming film Imperium (August 19), but the conversation quickly turned to his dating life.

A lot of people in the public eye might try to change the subject but not Daniel.

He’s been known to be such a good sport in the past, he seemed more than happy to indulge in a little “girl talk” with the women of The View. Maybe he’s just in love and wants to gush about his relationship, the way people in love do sometimes.

Daniel sat with the five hosts for a round table talk and seemed so at ease. He wasn’t even fazed—at least he didn’t show it—when Joy Behar brought up the cringe-worthy topic of phone sex (awkward).

You can check out the interview below:

While hearing about his love life is light and fun, the group finally did get into talking about some heavier material. Daniel stars in Imperium as an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a white supremacy group.

In the above interview he talks about his takeaway from making the film, saying, “I am firmly of the belief nobody comes out of the womb thinking like this. You have to learn this. I did come away with a semblance of hope.”

He hopes the film will be a part of the bigger dialogue of race relations.

Imperium hits U.S. theaters on August 19.

This interview really ran the gamut. What was your takeaway? 

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By Brigid Brown