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Oh, that Adele. She could sing and sing all night (well, that’s what people show up for), but she’s more than happy to stop the performance to invite fans up on stage with her.

But what are the chances one of her fans would turn out to be Grammy-nominated? Not even just one of her many fans in the audience enjoying the concert, the fan she brought up on stage this week at an L.A. concert.

We could probably do the math: How many people were in the audience? What percentage of those people could be Grammy nominees (Jennifer Lopez was also in the audience this week, so it’s not unheard of)? What is the likelihood someone from that pool of people would be pulled up on stage?

Rather than running an algorithm, the short answer is: it’s slim.

But it happened.

Adele invited a young woman, named Jamie Grace, to join her on stage. The famous singer was so generous giving Jamie the mic and the choice of what song she wanted to sing. Jamie went with Adele’s song “Remedy.”

But that wasn’t it. Adele invited her to choose a second song.

You can see what song Jamie chose in the below video:

And, after all that, it turns out Jamie is a singer-songwriter and was nominated for a Grammy in 2012 for her single “Hold Me” in the Best Contemporary Christian Song category.

It didn’t seem like Jamie knew her friends were recording her performance on stage with Adele.

We’re so glad they did.

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By Brigid Brown