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HBO has released two new trailers for the upcoming series Westworldthe “mature version” and a second that is more safe for work.

We’ll go with the PG look.

In the premiere trailer, released in June, we met some of the characters and were introduced to the premise of the series, which is based on the 1973 movie written and directed by the late Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton.

The sci-fi series is based in a Wild West-themed amusement park, populated by robots. The robots are designed to fulfill the customers’ fantasies. It gets a little problematic when one of the robots, Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood), learns what she is.

In case you missed it, here’s a look:

Now with the follow-up trailer, we get a closer look at what’s going on behind the scenes of Westworld. Anthony Hopkins portrays Dr. Robert Ford, the park’s director. He doesn’t seem to have much empathy for his creations:

You can look for a number of familiar faces, like Ed Harris, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright and James Marden.

Westworld will premiere on Sunday, October 2 at 9pm Eastern Time.

Does this sound like a fantasy or nightmare? 

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By Brigid Brown