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Steven Moffat‘s son, Louis, who has a striking resemblance to his showrunner father (Doctor Who, Sherlock), put together a video of himself trying to prank Doctor Who‘s Michelle Gomez.

Apparently Louis had already tried to pull a fast one over Michelle, who portrays Missy, earlier in the day. He actually made two attempts, both unsuccessful, while they were all at the London Film and Comic-Con this past weekend (July 29-31). But that didn’t stop the wee Moffat from trying again.

In his third attempt he dons a rubber horse mask that goes completely over his head. Surely she won’t know it’s him, right?

Louis gets in line with the other fans. He steps up to Michelle, horse head and all, and is ready to get his autograph. He doesn’t say anything as not to give himself away, but his silence (or it could have been the horse head) may have set off red flags?

In the video below, Michelle is about to sign the photo Louis brought with him, but then scans him, and, well, you can see what happens:

Did you notice how Louis asked at the end, “How did you know?” We’re not 100 percent sure, but maybe he wore the same trousers and shoes from his pranks earlier in the day? It seemed Michelle picked up on something familiar.

While there may have been some miscalculations with Louis’ prank, you really can’t beat his excitement over the anticipation. It’s pure joy.

What do you think of Michelle’s reaction? 

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By Brigid Brown