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Kathy Bates must have gotten to J.K. Rowling; it’s the only possible explanation.

Just a few weeks ago we were reporting the author had vowed Harry Potter and the Cursed Child would be her last word on the subject, and now here we are, telling you she’s written not one, but THREE new Harry Potter stories. Did a disappointed fan like Kathy’s character in Misery change her mind?

Here’s what the official Pottermore website had to say when it announced the news yesterday (August 17):

C’mon guys – where are you hiding her?

But seriously. The new series of ebooks will be called Pottermore Presents and will collect Rowling’s writing for the site thus far plus new stories about characters including potions master Horace Slughorn, Hogwarts headteacher Professor Minerva McGonagall and Ministry of Magic bureaucrat Dolores Umbridge.

Each ebook will be approximately 10,000 words long and available to read on ebook readers, tablets, and mobile devices as a supplement to the original books, which have so far sold more than 450 million copies worldwide.

Perhaps you were wondering what on earth you were going to do in between finishing Cursed Child and the release of Fantastic Beasts in November? Well, now you have your answer.

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By Kat Sommers
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