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In the first official photo for Sherlock season four, we saw that the modern detective (Benedict Cumberbatch) made a new friend. It may have left some wondering, is Sherlock friendless now that his partner-in-crimefighting Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman) is married and expecting a baby?

Rest assured, Watson has not been replaced. At least, not entirely.

The two are back together again in this recent snap:

The new photo doesn’t give too many clues, but it is nice to see them back at it. One thing that does stand out is Watson’s head turned away from Sherlock. It makes us wonder: is he looking away because he’s miffed, which wouldn’t be a huge shock, or is he looking at something?

Hmm, something for us all to chew on.

The trailer for season four premiered at this year’s Comic-Con. Possibly it will fill in some blanks:

What vibe are you getting from the new photo? 

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By Brigid Brown