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Tom Hiddleston may command most of our attention as Loki, but funnily enough, Chris Hemsworth is in fact the lead, portraying the title role in Thor.

It’s nothing personal, just habit. And, of course, sometimes people cheer for the bad guy. But in this instance, Loki is only half-bad. He has his good moments.

But, with that said, today is the day we can talk about both of them, because the two actors have reunited on set for the next installment of the Marvel series, Thor: Ragnarok.

Hemsworth is due credit, because he’s the one we can thank for sharing the below photo:

The dynamic duo appears to be in their “civilian” clothes, but they may actually be in costume, based on the newspaper headlines behind them. In the bottom left corner you can see a partial headline, reading, “Villan Loki Spotted.” And at the top are papers, exclaiming, “Has Thor Returned!”

(We’d like to point out, the Loki headline reads “villan” instead of “villain,” but we’re no know-it-alls. Maybe that was done for a reason?)

Hiddleston dressed in head-to-toe black might be a little much for just sitting around in between scenes, so it’s not a stretch to guess this is Loki’s attire. Hemsworth looks pretty casual, but again, this might be his Earthly look in the film, trying to disguise himself being the mythical Thor.

Either way, we’re happy to see them together again.

Do you think the brothers are getting along these days?

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By Brigid Brown