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Welcome to the Doctor Who‘s Day roundup, your unmissable weekly dose of Whovian fun, gathered from across the web for your temporal convenience.

And this week, there’s nowhere else to start but with the Olympics, as Rio 2016 kicked off in typically spectacular fashion. Here’s a topical look back at the Doctor’s sporting prowess through the years, from cricket, to soccer, via a spot of Venusian Aikido:

And of course, who can forget the Tenth Doctor’s brush with the Olympics itself, in 2006’s “Fear Her”?

Not to mention the fact that life imitated art in 2012, when Matt Smith carried the actual real-life Olympic torch:

No sign yet of a familiar blue box on the streets of Brazil this summer, but we’ll keep our eye out.

Here’s what else has been happening in time and space this week:

• We can hardly believe it’s been three years since the fateful day Peter Capaldi was first announced on our screens as playing the Twelfth Doctor. His first interview still sends a giddy shiver down the spine:

• In the present day, meanwhile, the first block of filming on Doctor Who Season 10 wrapped up last week:

• … which can only mean one thing: on to block two! Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie were spotted donning period dress for one upcoming episode:

… and true to his usual form, the good Doctor himself was happy to greet fans during a break in filming:

• Christmas came early this year. BBC AMERICA is airing all 11 Doctor Who Christmas episodes in a marathon starting Friday, August 12:

• “Judoon Platoon Upon the Moon!” is a classic line, but it was a bit of a tricky one for David Tennant to master. Find out more as our fact-filled retrospectives move on to 2007’s Season 3:

• Here’s a bizarre new Twitter account, dedicated to cataloguing “the surprisingly large amount of labels, signs, and basically anything with words” from across the decades of Who:

And yes, we’re amazed we’d never noticed that “Visit London” poster in the background of the Seventh Doctor’s shooting scene before now.

• A question for all you TARDIS-prop geeks out there – can anyone name an episode that features more distinct models than “The Day of the Doctor”?

• The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree — at least, not if the apple is “Louis Moffat” and the tree is “Members of the Moffat family being enormous jokers”. Here’s the showrunner’s younger son on a possibly ill-advised, one-man crusade to pull a prank on Michelle Gomez at a recent convention:

Read the full story here.

• From the “not real, but we wish it was” file, check out these mock candy cigarettes featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara in delightfully retro packaging. Not very good for your teeth, but we’d still like some anyway:

• And finally, here’s a cheery thought from Titan Comics artist extraordinaire Rachael Stott:

If you need us, we’ll just be over here crying. TTFN!


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By Seb Patrick