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Dogtor Who (Photos: Instagram/Tumblr)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who‘s Day roundup, a grab-bag of web-based Whovian odds and ends, expertly culled from a week on the internet.

And we begin this week with a collection of canine tributes to the good Doctor and his friends.

A day or so ago, this picture appeared on Instagram, showing the Twelfth Doctor looking very different from normal:

Coming at you all the way from Gallifur, it's the Twelfth Dachtor courtesy of @erinbiry. #DoctorWho

A photo posted by Doctor Who (@doctorwho_bbca) on

This sent us off on a hunt to find the best Whovian hounds, and, y’know, once you start looking, there are a LOT of them about.

Like this very loyal Eleven:

…or this long-suffering Four:

This changes the usual dynamic between the Doctor and the Angels:

The Doctor, Amy and Rory:

But the final bark must go to this exceptional Twelve:

Isn’t that right, K-9?

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• The Doctor Who film crew has been on its travels, this time to Valencia in Spain:

¡Adiós, Valencia, y gracias por los recuerdos! 🇪🇸 #DoctorWho #DrWho #whovian #fandom #behindthescenes

A photo posted by Doctor Who Official (@bbcdoctorwho) on

• It’s not the first time the production team have gone to exotic locations, of course:

• A brass band plays the Doctor Who theme:

Steven Moffat tells Doctor Who Magazine that there’s no regeneration in the immediate future:

• Big Finish Productions have been mixing things up a little:

• And they have their own Master:

• The TARDIS, under attack from Ice Warriors:

• And rendered artistically:

• A tear in the fabric (but not of space and time):

• So are we!

Jenna Coleman says Clara’s TARDIS has broken down:

• Donna Noble’s first appearance:

•…and the concept art for the Ninth Doctor’s last:

• A guide to the trap streets of London:

• Note: not genuine merchandise:

Karen Gillan got overwhelmed at a running track:

Was way too excited to be on an American track. Felt like I was in an American High School movie. #Kansas #allcreaturesherebelow

A photo posted by Karen Gillan (@karengillanofficial) on

• The Sixth Doctor’s coat has been tweaked:

Doctor Who: The Fan Show discusses the Master:

• And his/her most diabolical schemes:

• And then there’s this fan video looking at the theory that the Doctor and the Master are related:

• When Doctor Who went Mad:

• “Blueprints,” geddit?

• Did you know..?

• The Doctor’s best friend, his granddaughter and his car:

• And finally, how about a little reminder of the many, many times the Daleks have attempted to take over the universe, and been thwarted by their oldest enemy?


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By Fraser McAlpine