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It’s been rumored for months: American Sniper star Bradley Cooper is remaking that most classic of Hollywood movies, A Star is Born, with various famous chanteuses in the running to play the celestial body in question.

Now it’s finally been confirmed. Warner Bros yesterday (August 16) announced the movie remake had been greenlit, with high priestess of pop Lady Gaga taking the role made famous by Janet Gaynor in the original 1937 movie, then Judy Garland in 1954, and finally Barbra Streisand in 1976.

They’re pretty big shoes to fill, and she couldn’t be more excited:

It’s the “Poker Face” singer’s first studio starring role, though she’s recently wowed audiences with her Golden Globe-winning performance in American Horror Story.

She wasn’t the first in line, however, to play the role of ingenue singer whose star rises as quickly as that of her troubled lover and mentor is falling. Beyoncé, who’s certainly a match for Gaga when it comes to grit and ambition, was said to be attached, but she dropped out of the project in 2012 on account of conflicting schedules, followed by Clint Eastwood, the director originally behind the remake.

Enter Bradley Cooper, who you certainly couldn’t accuse of being afraid of a challenge. Last year he signed up not only to star in the remake, but also to write the script with Will Fetters (The Best of Me, The Lucky One), and make his directorial debut. He chose Gaga, and the rest is now history.

So with a movie going into production, a soundtrack on the cards, and a way-overdue new album—her first since 2013’s Artpop—expect to see a lot more of Miss Germanotta next year.

Do you think she’ll do the role justice?

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.