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You didn’t hear about this? Well, indeed, it did happen: Absolutely Fabulous co-creator and star Jennifer Saunders was on the same red carpet as Kourtney Kardashian (the one with three children, if you can’t keep them straight) last week and Saunders wanted to shake things up.

The British actress caught the young reality star giving “media face”—in other words, being overly serious—and Saunders felt a strong desire to step into the snap, an impulse she did not ignore.

This is just one fun tidbit from the People interview Saunders and Ab Fab co-star Joanna Lumley sat down for. We just enjoyed a video of these two giving out strong, honest advice in response to fan questions, and now they’re giving out strong, honest answers to questions like, “What’s it like being stopped as a celebrity in real life?,” “Jennifer, you photobombed Kourtney Kardashian last week!,” (technically not a question, but Saunders went with it), and “What surprised you the most about Kate Moss?”

These two give good interview:

We’re almost starting to enjoy Saunders and Lumley more than Edina and Patsy.

Is that even possible?

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By Brigid Brown