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(Photo: DreamWorks)

The second trailer for The Girl on the Train has just recently been released (July 18), giving us some insight into Rachel Watson’s motives.

Rachel, portrayed by Emily Blunt, has witnessed a murder or so she believes. She’s typically drunk or hung over, prone to blackouts, and even Rachel can’t rely on her memory.

She’s accused of creeping on her ex-husband (Justin Theroux) and his new wife, not being able to stay away. But they just so happen to be neighbors to the missing girl. Some might say she has no business looking into the girl’s whereabouts, but Rachel would strongly disagree.

The second trailer includes some of the same scenes from the first look, but we get to hear more from Rachel and about her intent:

The story, based on Paula Hawkins‘ bestselling 2015 novel, is told from three perspectives, Rachel’s, Rachel’s husband’s new wife Anna (Rebecca Ferguson) and Megan (Hayley Bennet), the missing girl. The story flips back and forth between the present and before Megan went missing.

The Girl on the Train hits U.S. theaters on October 7.

Do you feel compassion for Rachel?

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By Brigid Brown