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(Photo: Entertainment Weekly)

No, we haven’t traded Tom Hiddleston in for Daniel Radcliffe as the Anglo “It” guy (even though Mr. Hiddleston has been busy stateside with non-movie making events), it’s just that Radcliffe has been out and about promoting his new film Swiss Army Man. And with that, comes fun interviews.

In the below clip, the Harry Potter actor is thrown some hard-hitting questions from some of his pint-sized fans. While the amateur reporters in this case are children, they do get down to the nitty-gritty with questions like, “If you had one magic spell what would it be and what would you use it for?” and “How do you make broomsticks fly?”

Not all of the questions in the interview focus on magic, with an 11-year-old chiming in, asking, “What was the most challenging part about playing your character?” Radcliffe took it upon himself to presume she was referring to Swiss Army Man (probably not since it covers mature themes and has an R rating), versus Harry Potter, and elaborated on his latest role (Radcliffe used some magic there to get a mention of the film in the kidcentric interview).

The questions are very thought-out, with Radcliffe’s answers being just as thoughtful:

Is Radcliffe picking up the slack in the fun interviews category?

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By Brigid Brown