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If you’re not up to speed on the dispute between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, well … good for you. You are one of the few to have avoided the messiness of it all.

And we apologize in advance for bringing it to your attention, but we’ll do so to preface one of our favorites, James Corden, and his attempt to squash the quarrel.

Apparently West recorded a song, which included a line about Swift. Swift was not happy with the song once it was released and claimed she did not approve the lines referencing her. West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, said she had a recording of Swift saying it was okay to include. And, just recently, Kardashian released the recording on Snapchat, which did include Swift saying, “I really appreciate it. The heads-up is so nice.”

Okay, we know that was a mouthful, and you can’t get those two minutes of your life back, but it wasn’t so painful to read through, right?

There’s more to the story, and if you are so inclined, you can read up on it over at The New York Times.

And now Corden steps into it. He gives West a ring to try and diffuse the situation:

We have our own beef with Swift for stealing our Tom Hiddleston, but that’s another story. 

Do you think Corden can save the day?

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By Brigid Brown