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(Photo: Absolute Radio Screenshot)

Actor Idris Elba (Luther, Star Trek) has a bunch of hidden talents, and now he can add street artist to the list.

He may not be able to take credit for the Star Trek Beyond art covering the entire side of a building in London, but he made the final touch with a tag of his name.

Elba swung by Absolute Radio to chat about the forthcoming film (July 22), but it wasn’t a straightforward “who, what, when, where” interview. He took it to the road.

He left the studio, made his way to Clerkenwell, where the spray paint was just drying and was greeted by cheering fans. He hopped onto the construction lift and painted his “John Hancock” like a pro. You’d think that’d be enough for a day’s work … but no. Elba headed to a screening and surprised the audience.

Could you even imagine?

You don’t have to, it was all captured on video, which you can check out over at Mashable.

If you’re craving some instant gratification and want an Idris Elba video right here in this spot, then maybe the below will satisfy. This Morning host Alison Hammond gifted Elba with a tank top with the message, “I Heart A.H.” We’re guessing you (unfortunately) know what this is referring to:

Would you wear an “I Heart Idris” shirt?

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By Brigid Brown