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Daniel Radcliffe would like to see J.K. Rowling‘s new play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but he’s concerned he might take attention away from the performance being in the audience.

Even so, the actor (Harry Potter, Swiss Army Man) has a plan, which he talked to People magazine about.

The magazine asked if Radcliffe might find being in the audience “weird,” with him responding, “It would be, but I don’t think actually because of the show. I think more because of the audience that will be sitting in it. I think that would be a very intense and possibly not relaxing experience for me.”

Yeah, we can imagine, all eyes would be on him. That wouldn’t be much fun for the actors on stage, really. It’s kind of Radcliffe to keep others in mind, not that we’re all that surprised because he has proven numerous times what a good sport he is.

Radcliffe is “intrigued” to see Harry Potter as a middle-aged father of three but has decided to wait to see the show, telling People, “I really do want to know what the show’s like and what it’s about ’cause I’ve heard it’s great. To be honest, it seems like it’s going to run for years and years, so after the initial wave of Harry Potter fans has been in and gone maybe I’ll sneak in.”

Technically he could watch from back stage, but that might not be quite the same experience. And, of course, Radcliffe shouldn’t be hidden away. We trust his fellow audience members can keep a cool head if it turns out he is in house the day of their visit.

Radcliffe has even thought of going in disguise (this clearly has been on his mind) continuing on with the magazine, saying, “Everyone says that. Everyone thinks a disguise would work but it really doesn’t.” He says using prosthetics would be going too far, and a hat and sunglasses isn’t enough.

You can watch the entire interview below:

Radcliffe can currently be seen in 2016’s Swiss Army Man as a corpse and best friend to Paul Dano. He’s joined original cast members of Now You See Me for the sequel Now You See Me 2, in theaters now. He’s already completed filming on the FBI thriller Imperium, hitting theaters in August 2016.

What would you do if you spotted Daniel Radcliffe in the play’s audience? 

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By Brigid Brown