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The Absolutely Fabulous movie has yet to hit the U.S., but it’s been released in the U.K. And the reviews are in, well, at least from two fans, and it is laugh-out-loud funny. So loud that the two moviegoers were asked to leave the venue, reports The Guardian.

Cindy Amass and Jacqueline Cox, who consider themselves the real-life Eddy and Patsy (don’t we all), were thrilled to head out to see the film in Islington, London.

Amass, who is a grandmother like her friend Cox, said, “I hadn’t been out for over a year and I was really looking forward to it. It was an early show at 6 pm so there wasn’t many people in the cinema.”

Cox’s niece had surprised the two with tickets, and they were more than happy to take her up on the offer. Cox chimed in saying, “My daughter, Candice, and all our family, call us Eddy and Patsy because we are just like them.”

Eddy and Patsy (Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley) are no wallflowers and apparently neither are these two.

The women explain they were laughing because they found the film hilarious and were advised by management to “laugh on the inside.” Apparently that suggestion made them laugh even more.

Sometimes people get the “church giggles,” a term we picked up from comedian Kathy Griffin‘s stand-up, meaning, you just cannot stop laughing even at inappropriate times. Sure, it’s appropriate to laugh while watching a film at the cinema, but in this situation, they were being addressed by management.

According to the women the manager did not take kindly to their outburst and asked them to leave. As well, two other men were excused from the film.

It is a bit of a head scratcher, but in the end all four were refunded their tickets. And what did they do? Rather than having a pity party, they all went and had a drink at a local bar (in true Eddy and Patsy style).

There’s always two sides to the story (well, three if you go by the saying, “Yours. Mine. What really happened: the truth.”) and the venue said that there was too much talking going on, not necessarily giggling, when asked by local media what actually transpired.

Our takeaway is: The good news is that the film is funny.

We don’t expect this to turn into a Chewbacca Mom scenario, but it is a fun idea to think of the possibility of these two ladies hearing from the Ab Fab women themselves. At the least, we hope they get a second chance to see the film in its entirety.

Are you looking forward to the Ab Fab movie even more now?

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By Brigid Brown