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Interested in getting in touch with documentary star David Brent? Today is your lucky day.

Actor Ricky Gervais came upon Brent’s business card in a U.K. cinema earlier this week and posted this needle in a haystack on Twitter. What a find, as Gervais and fans now have access to the aspiring rock and roll star before he makes it big.

All right, we admit this is a marketing scheme thought up by Gervais, the creator of The Office, who has recently written, directed and starred in the spinoff film, but, while not necessarily actually real, it is clever.

Here’s a look at the card with digits that do take us to Brent’s voicemail message:

Unfortunately, the mail box is currently full. Real or not, that is such a frustrating end result when ringing someone. But, even so, you can listen to Gervais, errr, we mean Brent, give his details.

Once the voicemail opens up, and fingers crossed it will, you can place an order for Lavichem cleaning supplies, which is Brent’s new gig while he makes it as a rocker.

Don’t forget the +44 when dialing from outside the U.K.

Do you think this is fun or too gimmicky?

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By Brigid Brown