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Kathryn Alexandre, Jordan Gavaris, Tatiana Maslany, Kristian Bruun, and Kevin Hanchard at 2016 San Diego Comic-Con.

Orphan Black panels at Comic-Con are always a bit emotional. After all, Clone Club, as Orphan Black aficionados call themselves, is more than just a fandom: it’s a tight-knit community whose members connect deeply with the series’ unique exploration of identity. When the fans receive the opportunity to interact with the show’s cast and creators, there’s a huge sense of gratitude from the audience, with several viewers declaring that Orphan Black changed their lives.

But this year’s panel was even more poignant than usual, given that it was Orphan‘s last hurrah at the convention. As previously reported, the Tatiana Maslany-led drama will premiere its fifth and final season in 2017. But instead of mourning, we look ahead with great interest at how the clone story will be wrapped up, and a few nuggets of information emerged from San Diego Comic-Con.

1. Expect more Rachel vs. Sarah drama
Season Four ended with icy, calculating Rachel having gotten the upper hand against street-smart Sarah. But don’t think it’s over: the rivalry will come to a head in Season Five, according to co-creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett.

2. Who is P.T. Westmoreland?
Season Five will pick up on Season Four’s cliffhanger: who is P.T. Westmoreland, the founder of Neolution, the shady organization behind Projects Leda and Castor? How is the centuries-old figure still alive? Those questions will be answered next season.

3. Get ready to be jealous of one particular Clone Club member
Tatiana Maslany announced the big news in the panel, which elicited gasps from the audience: one lucky fan will win a walk-on role on Orphan Black‘s final season. Details to be announced.

4. The cast and crew all have their wishes for Season Five.
After last season’s epic Jesus Christ Superstar spectacular, many of the cast are clamoring for a “Once More With Feeling”-style musical episode. (Kevin Hanchard joked that he’d like to do a one-man show of Hamilton.) Meanwhile, Jordan Gavaris wants Felix to “finally have an art exhibit” that would include a “mishap with Krystal and press-on nails.” Tatiana would love to see a scene done in one long take with clones, which would be a technical feat to rival the clone dance party. And John and Graeme admitted to a dream casting coup: Dame Julie Andrews herself for a musical number with Alison and Sarah Stubbs.

5. Yes, there are things that scare Tatiana
Tatiana makes portraying 12 distinct clones look utterly effortless, but even she admits that tackling a few of her roles initially made her nervous. “There have been so many of these characters that have terrified me when they were proposed to me,” said Tatiana. “Rachel was really scary. I was afraid to play Tony. I was afraid to play Krystal in a bizarre way.” But, she added, “Challenge is what turns me on as an actor. We haven’t had to scrap any of them yet.”

6. Orphan Black could only have happened on BBC AMERICA
There was no guarantee that Fawcett and Manson would stumble upon an actor with the prodigious skills to pull off Orphan Black‘s multiple roles. “The idea of even finding the actor was really scary,” said John Fawcett. “What if you don’t do it? What if you find an actor who can’t pull it off? And then your show sucks and it’s all over and your dreams are dashed.” But an adventurous network placed their bets on the team. “Kudos to BBC AMERICA,” said Graeme Manson, “because they were the only network that took the risk that we could even find someone.” Luckily, Tatiana, who’d worked with John Fawcett before, was up to the task.

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Which of the cast’s wishes for next season do you hope comes true?

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.