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If Eddy and Patsy were giving out advice, we might be a little cautious to take it. Of course, it’d be good fun to hear their absolutely fabulous answers, but following their lead might land us in trouble.

In this case, Eddy and Patsy’s alter egos, Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, were pegged with questions from fans. Their advice is honest and quite good. The questions range from the more serious like, “I’m going to be a mum … both being mothers, what advice would you give?” to lighter stuff including, “At what time in the morning is it ok to drink champers without the orange juice?” and “How can you get into parties you’re not invited to?”

You can check out their on-point answers in the below clip:

We can look for Saunders and Lumley in the forthcoming Absolutely Fabulous movie, hitting U.S. theaters on July 22, with all of these other stars.

Which of their answers stood out to you most? 

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By Brigid Brown