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Multisyllabic-monikered Benedict Cumberbatch turns the Big 4-0 today (July 19), and in honor of this milestone birthday we put together the 40 times he made us fall in love with him.

40. When he couldn’t say the word “penguins”

39. That time he turned up to his Reddit AMA in a dressing gown

38. When he tried to pretend he wasn’t wearing board shorts

37. Then got all stroppy backstage at Hamlet

36. That time he gave Colin Firth a run for his money as Mr Darcy

35. Then announced his engagement in The Times of London

34. When he tried his hand as the presenter of a news quiz

33. Or when he turned up at an awards show looking like an extra from The Inbetweeners

Monte Carlo in 2004. (Photo: Getty Images)
Monte Carlo in 2004. (Photo: Getty Images)

32. …and was so excited he got out his own camera to take photos

Monte Carlo in 2004. (Photo: Getty Images)

31. When Simon Pegg pranked him with “Neutron Cream”

30. When we got to see his “Thriller” moves…

29. When he nailed Beyoncé’s walk in “Crazy in Love”

28. And when he did the Harlem Shake… sort of

27. When he joined Count von Count and Murray-arty on Sesame Street

26. When he and Tom Hiddleston tried not to look bored listening to the millionth question about horse-riding

(Image: Tumblr)
(Image: Tumblr)

25. When he started blubbing

24. And when he smiled…

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…and really, really meant it.

23. That time he joined a book club on daytime TV and no one knew why

22. When he made us laugh in Nathan Barley

21. When he wowed us with his impressions, starting with Chewie…

20. …then David Tennant

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.