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Catastrophe began with a one-night stand that turned into a weeklong fling, resulting in a surprise pregnancy and is now heading into a third and fourth season. That’s a pretty good run with it all starting off so happenstance.

Okay, clearly the relationship in the show wasn’t planned so much, but co-creators Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney have been working hard, both writing and starring in the sitcom, and it’s paid off with a two-season renewal.

Delaney posted a tweet expressing his excitement:

The co-creators released a joint statement, saying, “Rob and Sharon are a blast to spend time with. And we’re not talking about ourselves in the third person, we’re talking about the characters.”

It can get confusing, with the pair saying the show is 49% autobiographical, like where do Rob and Sharon stop being Rob and Sharon and start being … well, their characters are called Rob and Sharon (hence part of the confusion).

They continue on, joking around, “We’re eager to breathe life back into Rob and Sharon. OK, now we are talking about us.”

The two take a moment to reflect on the first two seasons and look to the future, saying, “In the first series, Rob and Sharon went through a lot (us) and even more in the second series (back to the characters). We’re looking forward to putting Rob and Sharon (both us and the characters) through further pain for your enjoyment (now we’re talking about you).”

Got that?

The series, which airs on Channel 4 in the U.K. and on Amazon Prime in the U.S., won a BAFTA for writing in 2016. The third series will be made up of six episodes, premiering in 2017. The first season ended with a surprise pregnancy and Rob and Sharon making a commitment to each other. The second season skipped ahead and we found them in full-swing as parents to a toddler and another baby on the way.

We look forward to seeing where the family lands in the third and fourth season.

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By Brigid Brown