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Is there anyone Tatiana Maslany can’t impersonate? First it’s con artist Sarah Manning, then suicidal cop Beth, or red-headed German Katja, suburban housewife Alison, Ukrainian Helena, then West Coast stoner Cosima, and more besides.

She jumps from one character to another in every genre-busting episode of sci-fi clone drama Orphan Black, and we’ve just heard the awesome news that there will be a fifth and final season.

That’s not the end of Tatiana’s mimicry skills, however. Now it seems she can even pull off emojis. You know, those tiny little pictures 😄 cluttering 😱 up 💁 all our communications nowadays. 😍 🍄 🔥 😷 💅

And as if her talent were ever up for debate, here she is in an interview with Vanity Fair doing her best to imitate them:

This reminds us of the time Tatiana acted out reaction GIFs:

You can watch more of Tatiana’s impersonation skills in seasons 1-4 of Orphan Black, currently available on catch-up.

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.