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It looks like we’re getting a two-for-one deal with the new Star Trek Beyond trailer. We not only get to see footage for the forthcoming film, hitting theaters July 22, 2016, but we also get a listen to Rihanna‘s new single “Sledgehammer.”

The first trailer was released earlier this year, where we saw a lot of explosives and the crew stranded. But what we didn’t see was our own Luther star Idris Elba. We do get a quick first look of Elba in the new clip (00:34), but you have to keep an eye out since he’s wearing a mask.

The trailer begins with Chris Pine as Captain Kirk expressing self doubt. Kirk confides in the ship’s medic, Bones (Karl Urban), that he joined the Star Fleet on a “dare.” Probably not what his crew wants to hear, but everyone has a bad day. Bones tries to comfort the leader of the starship, but there isn’t much time to dwell, with more urgent matters heading their way.

You can see what we’re referring to in the below clip:

Star Trek Beyond is directed by Justin Lin and produced by J.J. Abrams. This will be one of Anton Yelchin‘s last performances, recently passing away after being hit by his own car in a tragic accident. Yelchin returned to reprise his role as Chekov. You can look for other familiar faces like Simon Pegg (who co-wrote Star Trek Beyond with Doug Jung), Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana.

What do you think of the latest addition to the Star Trek franchise?

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By Brigid Brown