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Morgan is very special. Morgan exceeds everyone’s wildest expectations.

But why do people refer to Morgan as an “it”?

Luke Scott, Ridley Scott‘s son, makes his feature film directorial debut with the sci-fi thriller Morgan, starring Kate MaraToby Jones, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rose Leslie and Paul Giamatti. Listening to Morgan being described in the original trailer, you think Morgan is a young child, but that’s not quite the case.

In the first trailer we hear a lot about Morgan but only get a brief introduction to the bioengineered human-like being:

In the new trailer, we meet Morgan as an infant, witness Morgan toddle around, and grow from adolescence into a teenager (Anya Taylor-Joy) at an exceedingly fast rate. Maybe we should mention that Morgan was created with synthetic DNA.

Mara takes on the role of a risk-management consultant. She’s invited to a remote island to monitor and determine the AI’s (artificial intelligence) fate. Jones and Giamatti appear to take on the role of good cop (Jones), bad cop (Giamatti), but they are actually a psychologist and scientist in this case.

Mara is one of the aforementioned to call Morgan an “it” in the above trailer. If the decision to terminate the lab project is left to Mara’s character, Morgan’s odds are not looking so good.

The new trailer will speed you up on #WhatIsMorgan:

If we were the risk-management consultant, we’d say Morgan is self-sufficient, and maybe it’d be best for her to leave the nest and get her own apartment? Yes, we called her “her.” She seems fine, as long as people don’t piss her off.

Luke Scott directed the short film Loom in 2012. Morgan, produced by Ridley Scott, is set to hit U.S. theaters on September 2, 2016.

Are you a fan of exploring artificial intelligence? 

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By Brigid Brown